#EVENT- Materials used in #Coding4Fun event at Tenerife #Tlp2015 #TlpInnova

Hola! The day before the event I upgraded my laptop to the RTM version of Windows 10, so the demo time during the session was a stressful one. Besides this, I have an amazing time, and the people at the room seems to enjoy my presentation also. I also had the chance to spend some…… Continue reading #EVENT- Materials used in #Coding4Fun event at Tenerife #Tlp2015 #TlpInnova

#EVENT- Materiales del evento #Coding4Fun en Tenerife #Tlp2015 #TlpInnova

Hola! El día anterior actualicé a la version RTM de Windows 10 y claro, nada major que eso para jugar con fuego durante un evento. Eso sí, yo me lo pasé genial y parece que la gente también. Tuve la suerte de tener una gran excusa para pasar unos días en Tenerife con Pao, Valentino…… Continue reading #EVENT- Materiales del evento #Coding4Fun en Tenerife #Tlp2015 #TlpInnova

EVENT- #Coding4Fun 2.5 at #TLP2015 #TLPInnova (Required Update)

Hola! Next week I’ll be hosting a Coding4Session on Tenerife in TLP. The event 2000 new technologies fans, 6 days 24 hours with increased connection of the country. More than 40,000 visitors will immerse in the world of comics, film, and Manga among others. And in TLP Innova will enjoy more than 100 hours of…… Continue reading EVENT- #Coding4Fun 2.5 at #TLP2015 #TLPInnova (Required Update)

EVENT- #Coding4Fun 2.5 en #TLP2015 #TLPInnova (Update obligado)

Hola! La semana que viene toca sesión de Coding4Fun en Tenerife durante la TLP. La descripción oficial de TLP es la siguiente 2000 aficionados a las nuevas tecnologías, 6 días 24 horas con la mayor conexión del país. Más de 40 mil visitantes se sumergirán en el mundo del Comic, Cine y Manga entre otros.…… Continue reading EVENT- #Coding4Fun 2.5 en #TLP2015 #TLPInnova (Update obligado)

ENG #EVENT- Event Materials in the #Coding4Fun event for #GapAnd2015

Hola! Today was a great day, and we enjoyed a lot with tons of Friends in the Geek-A-Palooza event. So to all the people involved THANKS A LOT !!! As always, is a great placer to meet old Friends and to make new ones. Now is time to share slides and source code https://github.com/elbruno/events/tree/master/2015%2007%2004%20Gap%20Andorra And…… Continue reading ENG #EVENT- Event Materials in the #Coding4Fun event for #GapAnd2015

#EVENT- Materiales del evento #Coding4Fun en #GapAnd2015

Hola! Recién terminado el evento, es momento de agradecer a los amigotes de Geek-A-Palooza por el pedazo de evento que se han marcado, MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS !!! Como siempre es un placer volver a ver a viejos conocidos y ponerle cara a nuevos personajes. Ahora es comento de compartir las slides y también el código fuente…… Continue reading #EVENT- Materiales del evento #Coding4Fun en #GapAnd2015

#WINDOWS10- Pair Heart Rate Band using Bluetooth LE to be used in a Windows Universal App

Hola! I get this from my draft post so I can write a series of posts related to Bluetooth Low Energy and Windows Universal Apps. When you create Windows Universal Apps for Windows 10, you can deploy and use them in any kind of Windows 10 device (laptop, pc, phone, etc.). As an starting example,…… Continue reading #WINDOWS10- Pair Heart Rate Band using Bluetooth LE to be used in a Windows Universal App

[#VS2015] Some cool new stuff in Blend 2015

Hello! After running the 10 K race put a brake, now a little review what has been learned after using Blend 2015 for a couple of weeks. There are posts from the official Visual Studio Team where he discussed all of the new features, I’ll try to comment what I liked during this last time.…… Continue reading [#VS2015] Some cool new stuff in Blend 2015

[#VS2015] Novedades en Blend 2015

Hola! Después de correr los 10K de la carrera ponle freno, ahora toca repasar un poco lo aprendido después de utilizar Blend 2015 durante un par de semanas. Hay posts del equipo oficial de Visual Studio donde comentan todas las novedades, yo intentaré comentar lo que me ha gustado durante este último tiempo. Lo primero…… Continue reading [#VS2015] Novedades en Blend 2015