#Podcast – ServerLess computing, #Azure Functions, #Amazon Lambda and more ! (Spanish)

Hi ! Today's episode is a return to the more technical episodes. In this one, I am lucky to talk with David Rodriguez (@davidjrh) y Pedro J. Molina (@pmolinam) about Serverless Computing. We started with a review on as has evolved Azure from AppServices until the concept of today's Azure Functions. But of course, when [...]


#Podcast – ServerLess computing, #Azure Functions, #Amazon Lambda y más !

Hola ! El episodio de hoy es una vuelta a los episodios más técnicos. En este caso tengo la suerte de hablar con David Rodriguez (@davidjrh) y Pedro J. Molina (@pmolinam) sobre Serverless computing. Empezamos con un repaso sobre como ha evolucionado Azure desde AppServices hasta el concepto de hoy de Azure Functions. Pero claro, [...]

[#IOT] Glitter problems at home, Amazon #Dash and Azure #MachineLearning

Hello! A couple of days I was painting with my 5-year-old girl and we realized that we had been out of glitter. As a parent this is one of the moments more happy complicated ever. Glitter is something that girls love to use in their art work. However, I discovered in the bad way that GLITTER is impossible to [...]