#Drone – Moorebot Scout, an amazing drone πŸš™, and more AI and IoT events

Hi !

Next week I’ll be back for some super fun Azure Iot sessions:

And hey, I also have a new gadget to improve my AI and IoT skills:

Moorebot Scout

MooreBot Scout from the Moorebot team.

This is the official Scout description

Scout is a home security robot for intelligent monitoring. Equipped with many advanced sensors and AI algorithms, Scout is an ideal assistant for home monitoring with no blind spot. Its capabilities include object recognition, voice control via Amazon Alexa, and monocular SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

  • FHD camera with night vision
  • 4WD Mecanum Omni-directional wheels
  • WiFi-enabled IoT mode, connected worldwide, encrypted data with high security
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google
  • Video streaming to Alexa or Google screen devices

And hey, may main focus will check the complete project. Scout is an open-source project. In example: Amazon Alexa and Google Home are already integrated and users can access them from our Ios or Android App. I’m looking forward to check / create additional SDKs !

Finally, here you can see Scout in action !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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