#Python 🐍 – how to find where Python is intalled – working with #reTerminal @Seeedstudio and @code

Hi !

Setting up my Seeedstudio reTerminal and Visual Studio Code, I realized that Python was already installed, but I’m not sure where πŸ€”.

So, in the Visual Studio Code terminal (you can do this in the bash), first I check the version of Python with the command

python3 -V

And, hey I got 3.7 !

Now I open python and type these 2 lines

import sys

And there it is, the location of Python3

how to find python location in linux on a reterminal

Bonus: do you see CoPilot in VS Code Tray, yes ! CoPilot works also on Raspberry Pi and reTerminal!

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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