#Event – March AI 🧠 Series at Toronto Reactor

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March is a month focused on Artificial Intelligence in the Microsoft Reactor. During the full month we will host sessions focused on AI and ML.


Date Session Registration Streaming
Mar 02 2022 Using Azure IoT to feed my squirrels 🐿️. Now powered by Power Platform ! <br><br>Winter is here and my backyard squirrels’ friends still come every day to get some food, snow is not a problem for them. I created an Azure IoT solution that help me feed my squirrels (view that previous session on-demand here.<br>Now it’s time to leverage the Power Platform – Power BI to analyze and visualize the data collected through Azure IoT. We will see how to use Power BI to get more insights on understating different animals eating behavioural patterns and highlight certain correlations using powerful visual analytics capabilities.<br><br>Presenters: Ashraf Ghonaim (Microsoft MVP) and Bruno Capuano (Sr Cloud Advocate) MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 03 2022 Introduction to Cognitive Services <br><br>Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence. These are all big words we hear coming into our businesses lately – but what does it all mean? This session will focus on the various Cognitive Service offerings and show you plenty of demos on using them in your apps such as ASP.NET Core, React.Js or Microsoft Automated.<br><br>Presenters: Gosia Borzecka is a Microsoft AI MVP and Consultant, Modern Workplace at Avanade. MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 07 2022 Azure AI Fundamentals: Analyze images with the Computer Vision service <br><br>In this session you will learn about Computer Vision and its applications. You will also learn how to use computer vision cognitive service to analyze images.<br><br>Presenters: Carlotta Castelluccio – Cloud Advocate Microsoft and Bethany Jepchumba – Microsoft Learn Gold Student Ambassador & Program Coordinator at Andela MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 14 2022 Azure AI Fundamentals: Build a bot with the Language Service & Azure Bot Service <br><br>Bots are a popular way to provide support through multiple communication channels. In this session you will learn how to use knowledge base and Azure Bot Service to create a bot that answers user questions automatically.<br><br>Presenters Ruth Yakubu – Cloud Advocate, Microsoft and Amy Boyd – Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 15 2022 The future of Computing with Spatial Computing and Quantum Computing <br><br>The next wave of digital disruption is Spatial Computing, an emerging technology that will change how we interact with computers and the physical world, using intelligent edge devices like a HoloLens and other mobile devices. Mainly driven by AI computer vision and advanced sensors, those devices can spatially sense the world around us and make the spatially aware context part of the experience. With technologies like the AR Cloud, a common spatial map can be shared between heterogeneous devices to build connected, collaborative, and cross-platform Metaverse apps where virtual objects anchored in the physical world can be shared across devices and over time with persistence.<br>During the Spatial Computing era we will also enter the Quantum Computing age. Quantum Computers are still in its infancy with limited Qubits, but Q-Day is coming, the day when Quantum Advantage will be readily available and deprecating today’s cryptography. Even with the hardware infancy, Quantum-inspired computing (QIC) already provides significant advantages for things like Quantum Machine Learning (QML) and Quantum-Inspired Optimization (QIO).<br>In this session Rene will explain the concepts and technologies supporting these transformative computing paradigm changes and will show applied and practical use cases to make these abstracts concepts more feasible.<br><br>Presenters René Schulte is Director of Global Innovation at Valorem Reply, Microsoft RD and Microsoft MVP MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 15 2022 The Sustainability Super-power: AI <br><br>This session builds upon the ‘Pushing the boundaries of leadership with Sustainability AI’ session and takes a deeper look at developing AI solutions, assessing, and evaluating the environmental cost of doing so from the perspective of Green Software Engineering Principles. Where costs of development are high not only in terms of time to build expertise but also in compute costs, open-source climate AI models are a great starting point, which can be compared in terms of performance from a variety of angles.<br><br>Presenters Darshna Shah is the Director of Innovation at Sustainability Studio (part of the Elastacloud Group) and Microsoft AI MVP MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 17 2022 Bot Composer: a new way of creating smart bots <br><br>Nowadays, bots are getting more and more advanced. They look nothing like a pop-up window with just a list of options we used to see before. Microsoft offers many tools to make your bot as practical and adjustable as possible: Cognitive Services, Bot Framework, cloud databases, etc. Microsoft Bot Composer allows developers to have everything they need to create a brilliant and platform-independent bot right from the tool. In this session, you’ll learn about bot design and development tricks, tools and services to make your bot user appealing, connecting bots to different environments. You’ll see how to start developing a completely custom bot right from the Composer. This session will bring enough inspiration to start using Bot Composer, whether you are a seasoned developer or only starting your journey.<br><br>Presenters Veronika Kolesnikova (Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP (AI)) MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 24 2022 Viewing and identifying objects with Raspberry PI and Lobe <br><br>n this session we will learn about Image Classification and run it on low powered devices. We will review the different processes that are required for achieving the creation and execution of a computer vision project running in low powered computers such as Raspberry PI and using open-source and free Microsoft tools such as Lobe, .Net and others.<br><br>Presenters Matías Iacono is a system engineer with +20 years of experience. He has been recognized as Microsoft MVP 9 times, published 3 books and dozens of magazine articles about Microsoft technology stack. MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 28 2022 AutoML in Power BI <br><br>In this event I will demo how to leverage the self-service AutoML capabilities in Power BI using a typical machine learning predictive model – Customer Churn use case.<br><br>Presenters Ashraf Ghonaim is a Microsoft Power BI MVP and he works as Strategy and Analytics Consultant based in Toronto. He is a co-author of the first Power BI MVP book and Microsoft AI MVP book. MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 29 2022 Your AI journey on Azure made easy <br><br>In this session, we will introduce the audience to AI, some of the common AI use cases and then dive into how to use Azure to solve your AI problems.<br><br>Presenters Jaya Mathew Senior Data Scientist MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Mar 31 2022 Creating and controlling a Web based video game with Computer Vision <br><br>AI in video games is not new. Controlling your games with a control is old fashioned!<br>In this session we will dissect a Web browser based game created using JavaScript and HTML5, understand its basic pieces and modify it to incorporate a custom trained computer vision model to use our hand gestures as control instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse.<br><br>Presenters Matías Iacono is a system engineer with +20 years of experience. He has been recognized as Microsoft MVP 9 times, published 3 books and dozens of magazine articles about Microsoft technology stack. MeetUp Microsoft Reactor YouTube

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