#reTerminal – Installing TensorFlow, @Code and recognizing 🐿️🐺 using a Camera ðŸ¤³

Hi !

Let’s start with some posts using reTerminal with a very simple scenario:

Install TensorFlow and Code on reTerminal to run an object recognition app.

The desired output is something similar to this one.

squrrel detection running locally on reTerminal

Live demo in a tweet !

And let´s start with the base commands to install Visual Studio Code. Oficial VSCode documentation suggests 2 commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install code

A couple of seconds later, we can start to work with Code! Here is Visual Studio Code running on the reTerminal and I’m following the steps to configure and use Python.

configuring python in reTermnal

Now, let’s go for tensorflow. Again, a simple command

pip3 install tensorflow --user

Time to check TensorFlow with these simple python lines.

# check tensorflow, and display tensorflow version
import tensorflow as tf
testing tensorflow installation with python in reterminal

And, an important note. If you fin the following error, while running the tensorflow test with Python.

ValueError: numpy.ndarray size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility. Expected 44 from C header, got 40 from PyObject

It’s time to upgrade numpy.

pip3 install --upgrade numpy

And now we can run the 🐿️ squirrel recognition app.

squrrel detection running locally on reTerminal

In future posts, I’ll explain more details about how to configure and use these tools in reTerminal.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

More posts in my blog ElBruno.com.


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