#Video 🎦 – Concatenate 2 videos, trim content, add transitions and more using #PowerPoint 🖼️ without a video editing tool

Hi !

Ok, more tips of video editing using PowerPoint. Please read my previous post for the context on how to use these scenarios.

And, disclaimer: even if we can do this, Microsoft PowerPoint is not the best tool to do this.

Trim Video content

1st scenario is about selecting specific start and end time from a video. Once the video is embedded in a Slide, we can right click and select the Trim option. In the following image, I selected the 1st 5 seconds of the sample video.

powerpoint trim video content

Concatenate 2 videos

This is easy, just add one video per slide and then export the full powerpoint file as video. In this sample I’m using these 2 free videos from mixkit.com:

Adding transitions between 2 videos

And now, let’s use some amazing PowerPoint features: let’s add a transition, in the same way that we do using slides.

adding transitions between 2 videos

In the following sample:

  • I use the 2 videos in 2 slides
  • Each video only shows the 1st 5 seconds of the full video
  • The transition between the 2 videos is … Slide UP !

Super cool !

Happy coding!


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