#Video 🎦 – How to add a layer, image or credits information using #PowerPoint 🖼️ without a video editing tool

Hi !

Getting ready for my new role, it’s time to share some quick tips. Today I’ll share a quick video editing tip, when you don’t have any video editing tool, or skills.

Add a bottom-right corner text on top of a video using Microsoft PowerPoint.

For this demo, I’ll use a free video from mixkit.com: Going down a curved highway down a mountain. Super cool and chill video.

Let’s review the simple steps

  • Create an empty PowerPoint presentation.
  • Download and insert the video in a slide.
  • Add the desired elements on top of the video.
  • In example, an icon and some text.
  • Save the presentation.
  • Export the presentation in video format.
  • Done !!!
export video from powerpoint

The exported video is similar to this one:

Super cool !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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