#Event – @netcoreconf, live podcast recording 🎀🎀🎀, #machinelearning, tinyML, sharks 🦈🦈🦈 and more !

tinyml and sharks

Hi !

On Friday we will have again the chance to assist to one of the most amazing events:

NetCoreConf 2021 (click here for more info)

This event is awesome in so many levels: +80 sessions in English and Spanish, amazing speakers, a great place to chat virtually in Discord and more !!!

Live Podcast Recordings – No Tiene Nombre

The NTN team will join the “Discord Bar channel”, and we will chat with the speakers and public. We may also record small audios to be published in the podcast. There are also rooms to solve questions and do some networking. If you are not yet in the Discord here is a link. Once you are registered we will give you the role of administrator and you will see some more rooms (if not, contact us and we will assign it to you. https://discord.gg/ngYGjmgSeU

Session: TinyML y SkySharks 🦈🦈🦈

Sharks are amazing animals, no arguments against this.

In this session we will review Machine Learning concepts and focus on TinyML – a special ML application capable of performing ML on devices at extremely low power.

I’ll talk a bit about hardware, algorithms, and software, and train our own TinyML model to detect flying sharks.

Let’s build this!

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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