#Event – 🌐GlobalAI Tour 2021, 🎤 Live from Oslo, Toronto, Madrid, Istanbul, Singapore, Auckland, Latin America, Delhi, Sydney, and Houston

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From the 15th till the 18th of June we are traveling around the world visiting 10 local communities around the world! We circle the world twice in a +48 hour live stream.

During the event we connect with 40+ speakers located around the world who will share there knowledge and views on Artificial Intelligence.

Complete Agenda, registration and more information in https://tour.globalai.live/

Canada 🍁 Edition

I’m happy to add our Canadian flavor and connect over 4000 kms between Montreal and Vancouver with the Toronto / Canada Edition. Take a look at our amazing agenda:


17 June 2021 UTC-04:00 America/Toronto – Live from Toronto

Bringing all local communities together to share and care!

Global AI Community

Data & AI Platform Components in Azure

17 June 2021 18:10 – UTC-04:00 America/Toronto

Live from Montreal

Data & AI platform works together to make an organization data driven and AI powered. Azure platform is providing all the technical tools we require to build an enterprise end to end data & AI platform following dataops, mlops best practices. In this session we will talk about ideal architecture that can handle all the components in enterprise level.

Rahat Yasir

AI and Cognitive Services in Power BI

17 June 2021 19:10 – UTC-04:00 America/Toronto

Live from Toronto

With the massive volumes of data generated today about every aspect of a business finding deep insights from the data can be challenging. This session will introduce how to incorporate the sophisticated pre-trained machine learning models into Power BI.

AI and Cognitive Services provide powerful ways to extract actionable insights from a variety of unstructured sources like documents, images, and social media feeds through Azure Services like Sentiment Analysis, Key Phrase Extraction, Language Detection, and Image Tagging.

Ashraf Ghonaim

Building data applications and machine learning with Azure Databricks

17 June 2021 20:10 – UTC-04:00 America/Toronto

Live from Vancouver

“Whenever you need to deal with a big data project, you need to address two main issues: computing power and data storage.
Using Microsoft Azure and Databricks, these problems have become a distant memory; with the Azure platform, we have several services available, scalable that can help and a lot in the development.
Whether in a big data project or machine learning, with Databricks, Azure Machine Learning Service and several other Data and AI tools available, you can use Azure for building highly scalable solutions and specially developed to process high volume data in scenarios of high performance for your business or project.”

Thaissa Sanches

See you virtually there during all these days !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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