#AzureIoT – Creating a folder 📂 in the docker definition in an ☁ Azure IoT Edge

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Hi !

In my (spanish) podcast I often complain that we always speak about JavaScript and Docker. And, it also applies to my blog. After my yesterday’s post, someone asked

How we can create a folder on the creation process of the Azure IoT module?

This is not an Azure IoT question, is mostly a docker one. And the answer is easy, just add these lines to create and grant permissions to a folder named [fsexchange]

# create folder for file exchange
RUN mkdir /fsexchange
RUN chown 1000 /fsexchange
RUN chmod 700 /fsexchange

RUN chown 1000 /.
RUN chmod 700 /.

And, you need to do this in each one of the docker definition files that you may use. Like

  • Dockerfile.amd64
  • Dockerfile.arm32v7
  • Dockerfile.arm64v8
  • Dockerfile.windows-amd64
  • Dockerfile.amd64.debug
  • Dockerfile.arm32v7.debug
  • Dockerfile.arm64v8.debug
docker definition files to azure Iot Modules

And that’s it! super easy!

Happy coding!


El Bruno


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