#Event – Let’s code a drone ✈ to follow faces 😀 with #AzureIoT (x2!) Supporting the #GlobalAI Bootcamp Singapore and Germany!

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Hi !

Let’s start the 2021 with some drones events supporting 2 Global AI Bootcamp events

Please each event location for specific details on time and streaming options.

Let’s code a drone to follow faces syncing everything with Azure IoT

You can control a drone using 20 lines of code. That’s the easy part. However, adding extra features like face or object detection and program the drone to follow and object or a face requires … another 20 lines of code! During this workshop we will review how to connect to a drone, how to send and receive commands from the drone, how to read the camera video feed and how to apply AI on top of the camera feed to recognize objects or faces. We will use a simple house drone ($100) and Python. And, when we review some enterprise scenarios, we will use Azure IoT to sync the drone information in IoT mode. Let’s build this!

For this session I’ll explain how to create a SDK from zero to control a DJI Tello drone, and the last past will include some examples on how to connect the drone reported information to Azure IoT.

And this is probably the last one my Microsoft MVP room-office (see below), there are some changes in the near future, so let’ rock these 2 sessions !

Happy coding!


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