#Coding4Fun – How to control your #drone with 20 lines of code! (11/N)

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Today code objective is very simple:

The drone is flying very happy, but if the camera detects a banana, the drone must land !

Let’s take a look at the program working:

drone flying and when detect a banana lands

And a couple of notes regarding the app

  • Still use Haar Cascades for object detection. I found an article with a Xml file to detect bananas, so I’m working with this one (see references).
  • Using Haar Cascades is not the best technique for object detection. During the testing process, I found a lot of false positives. Mostly with small portions of the frame who were detected as bananas. One solution, was to limit the size of the detected objects using OpenCV (I’ll write more about this in the future)
  • As you can see in the animation, when the drone is a few meters away, the video feed becomes messy. And because the object detection is performed locally, it takes some time to detect the banana.
  • I also implemented some code to take off the drone when the user press the key ‘T’, and land the drone when the user press the key ‘L’
  • The code is starting to become a mess, so a refactoring is needed

Here is the code

In next posts, I’ll analyze more in details how this works, and a couple of improvements that I can implement.

Happy coding!


El Bruno


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