#VSCode – Let’s do some #FaceRecognition with 20 lines in #Python (5/N)

Hi !

I’ll start with my posts

  1. Detecting Faces with 20 lines in Python
  2. Face Recognition with 20 lines in Python
  3. Detecting Facial Features with 20 lines in Python
  4. Facial Features and Face Recognition with 20 lines in Python

And after yesterday’s post I realize that the code is working, but there is room for performance improvement. So, I went back to my 1st sample, the one for face detection and I added some code to get some times for Frames per Second (FPS).

In my initial code, the app was working processing almost 6 FPS. Then I started to read the code and think on improvements and I manage to get an amazing +30FPS.

So, before moving forward, I want to remark this StackOverflow post that quickly pointed me in the easiest way to do a StopWatch in Python.

My original code, was this one:

And then, I realize that I may use some of the OpenCV functions to increase the face detection process. I really don’t need to process a full HD image (1920 x 1080), I may resize the frame to a quarter size and work with this. That’s how, based on some of the samples, I got the following code:

The line 12 perform the initial resize and then I recalculate back the positions before drawing the face frame. This process works almost 6 times faster than the original one.

I’ll continue improving the code and samples, and sharing my learning path !

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



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