#VS2017 – Releasing #Qubits using Reset() and ResetAll() in Q# on Microsoft Quantum Development Kit


Yesterday I wrote on the MResetZ() which allows us to get the status of a Qubit and release it. Well, at the end of each Q# operation, all the used Qubits need to be released for the simulator to work properly.

The following sample code will show a bad sample where a Qubit is used and not released correctly:

So, in runtime we will find this amazing and cool error:




  Message=Released qubits are not in zero state.


Microsoft Quantum Development Kit offers us a series of operations that help us to release Qubits: Reset() and ResetAll(). As its name indicates Reset() is intended to release a single Qubit and ResetAll() to release an array of Qubits.

Given a single Qubit, Reset() evaluates the Qubit state and ensures that the Qubit is in the state |0⟩ so it can be safely released.

The following 2 operations show examples of how to use these operations


Happy QCoding!

Greetings @ Toronto

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