#Podcast – NTN 36 – How a #AR SDK works (Augmented reality), a very simple way to understand this very complex technology


Hi !

Big episode today! After writing a little about Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, I’ve realized that we have a lot of bluff and fake news anywhere about this, so I decided to spend some time talking about how really a AR kit works.

At the end, I’ve recorded 2 versions of the audio. In the 1st one somehow I got lost in a very deep technical details speech about maths and calculations, so I’ve put some guide in front of me and I recorded a 2nd one where I try to avoid deep technical topics. In the published version I explain how a basic AR works, how they perform spatial mapping, stereoscopic analysis synchronization issues and more. At the end, we also have Sergio Mabres news section.

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode and forgot the errors. Remember this is a Spanish podcast

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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