#Windows10 – #Hololens and the new Motion Controllers and more #MixedRealitydevices

Hi !

During the past days on the Canada Hololens Tour, I’ve been answering a couple of questions related to the future of Mixed Reality devices. Some of them have been presented in the past months, and they are already available for preorder, like the HP and ACER headsets.

In the past week, on the Unity Europe 2017 event, there was an interesting session where more information was revealed “Mixed Reality and the Next Evolution in Human Computer Interaction”. Some other partners are now also going to create devices for the Windows Holographic platform. In case you don’t know this, this is the Windows 10 common platform where Hololens and this devices will use Mixed Reality capabilities. So far, we can get devices from this other sellers

  • HP (available for preorder)
  • ACER (available for preorder)
  • ASUS
  • Dell
  • Lenovo (Available on December this year)


Note: Dell MR device will be in charge of the same team who creates XPS and Alienware, we can expect a very good device here based on the gaming experience of this teams.

This is cool, a lot of different devices will probably some different features in each one. And talking about features the next section is also important.

We are also waiting for the Motion Controllers devices presented by Microsoft on May this year. There is no preorder date, or price, however during this session they shared a chart which have a lot of important information


  • Motions Controllers will not work with Hololens. They will work with all the other Mixed Reality devices. I was wrong when I was guessing about this on the Hololens Tour.
  • Mixed Reality Devices will not support gesture recognition, only Microsoft Hololens will support this feature.
  • Mixed Reality Devices will not perform Spatial Mapping operations. This is not a surprise, in the presentation we saw that they don’t have any spatial mapping sensors. Maybe in some next releases, they’ll have some of this sensors? (with a very long wire).
  • All the other features like Gaze, Spatial Sound and more will be available in both platforms.

This is a great moment for AR, VR and MR. I’m waiting like a child for a present for this new devices, to start to find some cool business scenarios to use them!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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