#Humor – The truth about #FrontEnd, #BackEnd and #Users

Hi! You know, it only need to be shiny¬†to the user ... the other stuff doesn't matter ūüėČ Greetings @ Madrid -El Bruno References I could't find the original source, so Internet give me this result as the "oldest one"¬†http://www.karikaturhane.com/picture/yazilimcilar/tags/20-karikatur


#ProjectOxford – New features for #FaceAPI: beard, moustache, smile detection and more !!!

Hello! New Face API and Emotion API features: detection of beards, moustaches, smiles and much more. These days I have been reviewing some projects where I've used some Project Oxford APIs and I found that the APIs have changed a little. The Newtonsoft.Json is already a classic: updates all the time. However I made some research on the new features [...]

#Azure – Novedades en #ProjectOxford en #FaceAPI: detección de barba, bigote, sonrisas y más !!!

Hola ! Novedades en Face API y Emotion API, detección de barbas, bigotes, sonrisas y mucho más. En estos días he estado revisando unos proyectos en los que usamos algunas APIs de Project Oxford y me he encontrado que las APIs han cambiado un poco. Lo de Newtonsoft.Json ya es un clásico, sin embargo me [...]

#Xamarin ‚Äď Live preview of #Xaml in #XamarinForms using #GorillaPlayer in #VisualStudio

Hello! Today I'll write a quick review to another cool tool which allows us to have a real time preview of XAMLs views when we works with Xamarin Forms. Let me introduce to you to  Gorilla Player, is a nice tool to have real-time XAMLs preview, however I also like the logo, is one of the best I've seen since the Octocat. [...]

#UWP ‚Äď Single source code line to find if our app is on Desktop, #IoT, Mobile, or #XBox

Hello! Working with Universal Apps is quite grateful. However, before the build 10.0.10240.0, trying to find out the kind of platform that our app was running was a bit complicated. Today we can solve it with a single line of code, using AnalyticsVersionInfo. In example: return Windows.System.Profile.AnalyticsInfo.VersionInfo.DeviceFamily; It returns us a value of the type: [...]

#UWP – Una linea para averiguar si nuestra app está en Desktop, #IoT, Mobile, o #XBox

Hola ! El trabajo con Universal Apps es bastante agradecido. Sin embargo, antes de la build 10.0.10240.0, intentar averiguar el tipo de plataforma en la que se estaba ejecutando nuestra app era un poco complicado. Hoy lo podemos resolver con una √ļnica l√≠nea de c√≥digo, utilizando AnalyticsVersionInfo. Como por ejemplo: return Windows.System.Profile.AnalyticsInfo.VersionInfo.DeviceFamily;   La misma [...]

#Xamarin ‚Äď Resource list to create “nice apps” with #XamarinForms

Hello! After investing some time on learning how to work with Bluetooth, beacons, and other technologies with Xamarin Forms, now is the time to create Apps. Someone (like me) could feel some disappointment, because the default controls supported by Xamarin Forms are "kind of poor". So I pack a couple of resources which I found on samples on how to improve the [...]