EVENT – #Talks4Kids, I’ll be there and you should also !!!


Hola !

I have a little abandoned blog in terms of number of posts, although this one it deserves an entry. The first thing you should do is to boo this day: December 4, then know the place: Microsoft offices in Pozuelo, and finally the reason: Talks4Kids.com.

This event is a full session from 09:00 to 19:00, where many first level speakers and myself  will talk about what we like most: technology. The important thing is that behind this event, there is a noble excuse: to raise funds destined to an cool organization : Fundación Theodora.

On the main page of the event, there is more information like for example the agenda, content, etc. And of course, as the goal is to have fun, if we collect the modest amount of €1500 speakers will be obliged to dress up (do dancer? Does dora the Explorer? … the options are many).

In this 1st Edition I’ll be lucky to be with a great set of speakers and better gropu of people: @JosueYeray @rf1souto  @alejacma @rafasermed @saintwukong @cianitwiter @adiazcan@jsuarezruiz and myselft: @elbruno so you know, you have to book this day, make your donation and over you will learn a little bit of technology!

Saludos @ Frankfurt

-El Bruno


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