[#HUMOR] After Malaga, now Kung Fury

Hola! Recién llegado de pasara un excelente rato con los amigos de Málaga Dot Net, y cómo es domingo hoy toca un poco de frikismo extremo. En este caso, con la película más épica de la historia: Kung Fury. Just arrived from Malaga, and after an amazing time with Malaga Dot Net Friends, now it's time [...]


ENG [#VS2015] Hello Face: #FaceAPIs in a Console App (2)

Hello! New post for Azure Machine Learning Face APIs series Face APIs in Azure Hello Face: Face APIs in a Console App After the setup of our Azure environment, we now can use Face APIs. Next step is to download the SDK and take a look at the examples. At this time the SDK contains examples for both, .Net and [...]

ENG [#AZURE] Face APIs with #Azure (1) #MachineLearning

Hello! Every time I perform a Coding4Fun session, I always take the opportunity to talk a little about the progress in the process of face detection, facial recognition and detection of emotions, etc. If you like Azure, now is a great time to start testing something for this topic, since using Machine Learning experiments, there are a [...]

[#AZURE] Face APIs con #Azure (1)

Hola! Desde hace un tiempo en las sesiones de Coding4Fun siempre aprovecho para hablar un poco de lo que han avanzado los procesos de detección de rostros, reconocimiento facial, detección de emociones, etc. Si te gusta Azure, ahora es un gran momento para comenzar a probar el mismo, ya que utilizando experimentos de Machine Learning, [...]

ENG [#EVENT] Another #Coding4Fun event, this time in #Gapand2015

Hello! So that this year I will travel to Andorra to spend a big moment with the amazing Geek-A-Paloozaaa friends. There is still some time for the 4th of July, so I don't have very clear what I'll show in the session. If I get out alive from May, we'll surely see something related to drones, Unity3d and the mega project JoloLens! (the home [...]

ENG [#IOT] Different behaviors for an App based on the app architecture (9 on N) #RaspberryPi2 #Windows10

Hello! New post for Windows 10 and Raspberry Pi 2 series Hardware and software (1 on N) Boot from SD card in the device (2 of N) Hello World mode! (3 of N) Visual Studio deployment process and Web Management app (4 on N) Hello Blinky !!! (5 on N) Some admin tasks, like change [...]