[#VS2015] Where to look to start a little dev for #Windows10? course in #GitHub


The official launch for the Windows 10 Dev tools was yesterday. It goes all around from Visual Studio 2015 to Team Foundation 2015, including some cool stuff like Visual Studio Tools, and other extensions. And that’s the easy one, you just only have download the bits. Now, as a good developer, our body does not need not long posts, we need examples. And if they are code samples, better for us.

The official examples repo is on GitHub, and if further reinforcement of the sentence pronounced a while ago

We want to be where the community are

There are 2 large repos, Universal Apps and Drivers.


The Universal Apps are 2 MBs are covered where the Basic for Windows apps work relating to sensors (accelerometer, altimeter, gyrometer, etc)


The drivers are more than 80MBs and I have not had time to see in depth what covers. So you can see covers the basics of audio, serial, etc.

Greetings @ Barcelona

/El Bruno

Homepage: http://microsoft.github.io/windows/

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