[#SKYPE] First experiences with Skype Translator

Hello! When some time ago I wrote about Skype Translator, I really didn't think that already in 2015 Skype will become the only tool for audio conferences that I'll use for personal and business (we'll move out from Microsoft Lync) As any business app, Skype now provides services for a more complete experience, the online translation is one [...]


[#EVENTS] #Coding4Fun and Arduino vs NetDuino vs Gadgeteer vs. Intel Galileo at #dotnetSpain2015

Hi  In the 27 and 28 February, Microsoft Spain team will rock the house with a mega-event for developers Microsoft DotNet Spain Conference, you can see all the details on the official website. To break a little classical events, the AGENDA has everything: Friday 27: ALM, Web, Cloud, Data, Enterprise Saturday, July 28: Apps, Coding4Fun IoT, languages [...]

[#EVENTS] #Coding4Fun y Arduino vs NetDuino vs Gadgeteer vs #Intel Galileo en #dotnetSpain2015

Buenas Los próximos 27 y 28 de Febrero, los chicos de Microsoft Spain van a tirar la casa por la ventana con un mega evento para desarrolladores Microsoft DotNet Spain Conference, puedes ver todos los detalles en la página oficial. Para romper un poco los eventos clásicos, LA AGENDA TIENE DE TODO: El viernes 27: ALM, Web, [...]

[#GALILEO] HowTo: Configure credentials in #Windows10 to access the Intel Galileo as a network resource

Hello! Let's move on with the Intel Galileo series of posts: [GALILEO] HowTo: Perform a firmware update to an Intel Galileo [GALILEO] HowTo: install Intel Galileo drivers in Windows10 [GALILEO] HowTo: Create a SD bootable to work on Intel Galileo and VisualStudio [GALILEO] Connecting Windows10 and Intel Galileo Today I'll show you to cope with the [...]

[#GALILEO] HowTo: Configurar las credenciales en #Windows10 para acceder como recurso de red

Hola! Siguiendo con la serie de posts de Galileo [GALILEO] HowTo: Actualizar el #firmware en Intel Galileo [GALILEO] HowTo: Instalar Intel Galileo drivers en Windows10 [GALILEO] HowTo: Crear un SD booteable para trabajar en Intel Galileo desde VisualStudio [GALILEO] Conectando Windows10 al #Intel Galileo Hoy mostraré que hacer frente a los posibles errores de autenticación que [...]

[#INNOVATION] Please do not think that plenty of ideas is equal to #innovation

Hello!!! These days, INNOVATION is the buzz word. Many organizations boast of having innovative processes and be the brightest in the field of innovation. This itself deservs a post apart, since joining the words "process" and "innovation" in a same sentence doesn't make much sense. The innovation is based on one of the most natural characteristic of [...]