[#KINECTSDK] Do you build #Kinect apps without a Kinect V2 sensor? Check #KinectStudio and the new Kinect SDK V2

Hello! A long time ago, a very interesting tool was added in KinectSdk version 1.5: "Kinect Studio" (I wrote a review 2 years ago here). This tool allows us to record Kinect sessions including all sensor captured information, like camera feed or infrared feed. If you develop Kinect apps wich require very repetitive testing, this type of recording is [...]


[#KINECTSDK] Desarrollas apps y no tienes Kinect V2? No hay problema con #KinectStudio y el nuevo Kinect SDK V2

Hola! En la versión 1.5 de KinectSdk se agregó una herramienta muy interesante: "Kinect Studio" (le hice un repaso hace 2 años aquí). Esta herramienta nos permite grabar sesiones de Kinect que incluyen toda la información del sensor cómo el feed de la cámara o feed de infrarrojos. Cuando desarrollamos apps de Kinect que requieren pruebas muy [...]

[#VS2013] Free books for Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015

Hello! I guess it is a Christmas offer or similar, however I see that these books are available for download in epub and pdf format these days. Visual Studio 2013 Design and development of applications with Visual Studio Development of applications with Visual Studio 2013 and Xamarin Windows Professional Visual Studio 2013 and Cordova Creating [...]

[#VS2013] Descarga gratuita de libros de desarrollo con Visual Studio 2013 y algunos de Visual Studio 2015

Hola! Supongo que es una oferta de navidad o similar, sin embargo que veo que por estos días estos libros están disponibles para descargar en formato epub y pdf. Visual Studio 2013 Diseño Y Desarrollo De Aplicaciones con Visual Studio Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Windows Con Visual Studio 2013 y Xamarin Professional Visual Studio 2013 and [...]

[#VS2015] Tag Admin, cool extension to manage WorkItems Tags

Hello! These 2 great developers Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora, now bring us a panel to the Visual Studio IDE that we have been missing from a while: WorkItem Tags administrator . When you start using the tagging capabilities in TFS the working process becomes much more powerful. However, is a pity that from the Visual Studio IDE, we [...]

[#CODE] #HourOfCode: Thanks #Microsoft and plenty of fun for children !!!

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I talked about the initiative of Hour of Code and how Microsoft Spain helped us with this initiative. For privacy reasons, I can not share my personal experience to everyone; but I must say it's the most fun thing I've done during the year. However, I think I should encourage everyone to use [...]