[#PEBBLE] #UX and Pebble (for simple people like me)


Marta, a very good friend of mine, is an UX expert. A long time ago she told me a phrase kind of impossible for me. However, if you repeat this phrase to some people you’ll get their attention and some cult, and you’ll become a hipster with beard, Starbucks fun and crazy clothes.

When you design an app you must try to make the color vibrate and controls breath

Someone will probably get it, no me. That’s why, when I get my Pebble I know this world is for me. Let me explain

– no colors, only black and white

– small resolution = 144 x 168 px

– a small set of fonts are supported

– the official design guide suggest the creation of flat apps

– it also suggest a minimalist approach in the Pebble app design

So after this, I know Pebble apps are for me! let’s take a look at this one


This app is the sample app included in chapter 4 of the Pebble UX Design Guide)

Download: https://developer.getpebble.com/2/design/

Greetings @ Berlin

El Bruno

image image image Google

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