[#WEBCAST] Materiales del evento construyendo aplicaciones con #KinectSdk

Hola! uno rapidito hoy .. los materiales del evento sobre Kinect Source Code: http://1drv.ms/1eyEhTc (no esperes mucho que está basado en Kinect Toolkit y la conexión de internet en Alemania me dió mas problemas que una novia celosa) [#WEBCAST] Construyendo aplicaciones con #KinectSdk from Bruno Capuano Saludos @ Munich El Bruno Google


[#AVANADE] Avanade teams up with Scrum.org !!!

Hello! Last Friday, in the #CommunityDay14 I was very very temped to tell everyone about this news. I spend some time with Luis Fraile, Rodrigo Corral, Vicent Alves, JC and others and it was very hard not comment anything about his. Now, after several years of work in conjunction between Avanade and Scrum.org, we have [...]