[#BING] Now with support for… #KLINGON! (if and is not April 1st or December 28)



Bing are a few cracks, since a couple of days they have added support for Klingon! And Yes, you read well, is Klingon (I have a spill, no not I have spent with the wines now that I’m single, it’s Klingon!). As we are using it in an internal project of Avanade, I will have to pull the API to see it in real time and here just put my post yesterday… but translated into KLINGON! (do as mola say it not?)

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/translation/archive/2013/05/14/announcing-klingon-for-bing-translator.aspx

PS: to see the automatic process of translation that makes tomorrow with the Spanish + Klingon.


majQa’ Suq vI’Iprup Quch puS puq mach Segh upDate ‘e’ leghDI’: chu’ cholortlhul ‘ej chu’ layoutS ‘eg QutlhwI team’ ‘ o jabwI’ 2012 bebvo’ jIH.

‘ IjmeH achchount team QutlhwI’ ‘ oH chavmoH laH Dulegh chonayta’, ‘e.g. Datoy latlh’ taHvIS Brian harry nob naQ tetlh, upDate pa’ 2 choH ‘ ej QuQ ghaH potlh.

  • workitem as tHantlhS to cholor rap bachtlhlogh laH DaH DItlhtlherentIate. legh rur ta’ nap, eQtremely lI’ nuq. vaj Hop tHantlhS to yejquv edu ghew-moHaq lan nuq ta’ ‘e’ Segh ghew chaH chev GDP Schope. je layout Rhine moHaq your ‘HomI’ raH wis.


  • DaH tIj chapabIlIty ghaj
  • Qu’ neH wa’ nuv legh. ‘ e ‘neH vISIble eym nuv Qu’. Mola
  • jIH QapHa ‘choH SprInt, company pagh prevIouS wa’ vIyajlaH. Je apprechIateD ‘ oH ;)


reH naQmoH wanI’mey tetlh tlheatureS je poSt Brian. DAJ, mach upDate ‘ ach molon.

Hal: http://tfs.visualstudio.com/en-us/home/news/2013/may-13/

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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