[#TFS2012] GitTF: Integration between #Git and #TFS! Perhaps the best of both worlds



Yesterday Brian Harry made public the announcement of a product to work with GIT and TFS.This tool allows us to leverage the best of both products to be able to work in a more complete environment. If you know TFS and especially TFS2012, first thing you ´preguntaras will be and what happens with the Local Workspaces? They offered a principle of DVCS but of course, thousand years were light of a product as GIT. (here you can see the same capabilities), because I personally think that in a futura´version go to disappear or to be migrated to a DVCS like GIT or Mercurial.

The first thing we have to bear in mind is that GIT is a product that offers all the capabilities of aDVCS and complies with the main premise: you don’t have to be connected to any server to be able to work with a manager of source code versions. This allows us to get all the advantages of a VCS of the 21st century in a local environment to create branches, check changes, losing fear of the merge, etc. We work in local with a repository of GIT, create a test for a test branch in particular, share this branch to verify the work we are doing with a colleague and then continue with this model for ever…

On the other hand TFS offers not only a server with a manager of source code versions, they also have other components such as the capacity for management of projects, bug tracking systems, a server CI, ability to perform automated deployments, etc. All this with a natural integration help and pretty, and also with very extension points to customize this environment to our needs. If we think that each line of code may be related to a business component that also should eligibility with a series of well defined prerequisite to ensure the quality, because we have a very powerful package.

And how we can get the best of both worlds? Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that if we already have tools that we like to work with GIT or with TFS, because can continue to use them.(GIT Bash and GIT GUI to my I like for example). The idea is that we can work in local withGIT, and at certain times, upload these changes to TFS. In the same way we canDownload changes since TFS to GIT , work in GIT and then synchronize one or more changes to TFS.

Now for the finer detail. The tool is a command line tool, with which we have a hell secured by a time. This is offset by that it is created using the object model of the Team Explorer Everywhere with what can use it on any platform. Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. Last offset chestnut that is command line.

Other details:

  • Supported platforms: TFS 2010, TFS 2012 and TFS Preview
  • When the first version is released it will be OpenSource for friends of Open Source do not complain.

As well, in another post I’ll see leave a tutorial and more… Open-mouthed smile

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2012/08/13/announcing-git-integration-with-TFS.aspx

PD: this post I was talking about in the another post Smile with tongue out

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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