[# VS11] Some points to keep in mind when working with the new Team Build for Team Foundation Service

Buenas, a few days ago Brian Harry made public the news where commented that we can already count with a Team Build Server in our service of Team Foundation Service. Put another way, this means that we have at our disposal a Team Build Server in TFS on the cloud. Just great! (Friend Vincenc has [...]


[#VS11] Algunos puntos a tener en cuenta cuando trabajamos con el nuevo Team Build para Team Foundation Service

Buenas, hace unos días Brian Harry hizo pública la noticia donde comentaba que ya podemos contar con un servidor Team Build en nuestro servicio de Team Foundation Service. Dicho de otro modo, esto significa que tenemos a nuestra disposición un servidor Team Build en TFS en la nube. Just great !!! (El amigo Vincenc también [...]

[# KINECTSDK] The future of the Kinect SDK

Buenas, from the official blog of Kinect for Windows, comment on a couple of interesting details on the new version of the SDK of Kinect. We go with the most interesting points The next version will be 1.5, which is not a Major Release, but an evolution from the 1.0 version. The date of departure [...]

[# VS2010] New date of expiration for the virtual machines of Visual Studio 2010 ALM

Buenas, those who are still using the virtual machine Visual Studio 2010 ALM for demos and testing, we have the good news that the expiry date of the same has been extended from April 9 to September 10, 2012, 2012. Download data can be seen from https://elbruno.com/2012/03/02/vs1-maquinas-virtuales-para-probar-visual-studio-11-alm-y-visual-studio-2010-alm/ Saludos @ Home El Bruno Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/briankel/archive/2012/03/27/updated-visual-studio-2010-alm-virtual-machine.aspx