[# VS2010] HowTo: Debug an AddIn for OneNote



I cannot begin to explain the reason for the creation of an AddIn for OneNote. If any known theory of bad luck, because you can see that OneNote is the only element of the suite of Microsoft Office 2010 that does not have a template for the creation of AddIns in Visual Studio 2010. I had to throw the bad memories with IDTExtensibility2, a bit of diving by the registry in order to create an AddIn. That, once created the AddIn for OneNote in Windows8 is very cool, but… I found the head against the wall when I tried to debug it.

It turns out that if well on the list of Windows processes, there is active a process that has all the earmarks of being of OneNote called ONENOTE.EXE; so this process no is hostea the notes in OneNote. As an AddIn is a COM, it is not running in the context of the exe file in OneNote, but not executed within a DLLHOST (bad memories by God!)


But hey, attaching the appropriate dllhost process already can debug our AddIns for OneNote.

For this I have to thank Daniel escape for his pursuit of a few years ago > >http://blogs.msdn.com/b/descapa/archive/2007/05/01/debugging-a-onenote-toolbar-addin-c.aspx

Greetings @ the estate

The Bruno

Reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/extensibility.idtextensibility2.aspx

Thanks To http://blogs.msdn.com/b/descapa/archive/2007/05/01/debugging-a-onenote-toolbar-addin-c.aspx

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