[# VS11] The new edition of WorkItems interface

Good, We will continue with part of the new features of Visual Studio 11 and here to see the new interface for the edition of WorkItems. The first thing that attracts our attention is that the new editor is in a style very difernte to the previous, adapts to the new interface for Team Explorer and also focuses [...]


[SCRUM] ScrumForTeamSystem goes Open Source!

Good, After releasing the Board of working with WorkItems, Tfs Workbench; our friends from ScrumForTeamSystem release the code of Scrum For Team System v3 in CodePlex so that we can see a little the bowels of the same. If not familiar with this Team Foundation Server template, simply comment that it is the first template that came with a SCRUM flavor and to [...]

[SCRUM] ScrumForTeamSystem goes Open Source !!!

Buenas, después de liberar el tablero de trabajo con WorkItems, Tfs Workbench; nuestros amigos de ScrumForTeamSystem liberan el código de Scrum For Team System v3 en CodePlex para que podamos ver un poco las entrañas del mismo. Si no conoces esta plantilla Team Foundation Server, simplemente comentar que es la primera plantilla que salió con [...]