[EVENT] MIX-Legacy > Windows Phome, Kinect, HTML5, Silverlight… more?

Good, If still you are hungover from the MIX and you do not have time to absorb the novelties of the TechEd, in Madrid next Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 in Barcelona, you can paste a little part of the new features that are discussed these days on developments for Windows phone, Azure, Kinect, HTML 5, Silverlight, etc. All this from [...]


[ENTLIB] Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack Released

Good, I almost forget, the Patterns & Practices of Microsoft team has released the Silverlight Integration Pack for enterprise library.This set of components enables us to take advantage ofenterprise library for developments on Silverlight. Initially, this release includes: caching application block with support for: In-memory cache Isolated cache storage Expiration and scavenging policies Notification of cache purging validation application block with [...]

[ENTLIB] Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack Released

Buenas, casi se me olvida, el equipo de Patterns & Practices de Microsoft ha liberado el Silverlight Integration Pack para Enterprise Library. Este conjunto de componentes nos permite aprovechar las ventajas de Enterprise Library para los desarrollos sobre Silverlight. Inicialmente esta release incluye: Caching Application Block with support for: In-memory cache Isolated storage cache Expiration [...]