[#WINDOWS10] Win 10 GB disk (not suitable for cowards!)


If you are using Windows 10 Technical Preview, and you have a computer with few space disk, choose to delete the windows 10 installation files can be a good idea. In the current version of W10 there is a small “bug / feature” which presents you the following screen when you start


It offers you the possibility to continue working / testing 10 Windows or go back to the previous version. As we all know this second action is only for cowards, so because having those 10 GB of files on the disk that we will not use, better delete them.
In my case to delete them I used CCleaner (www.piriform.com/ ccleaner) one of the best free software to clean discs for Windows. And the result was much more than 10GB


So, the old SurfacePro 1 that I use for demos has been much happier right now ;)
Greetings @ Home
/El Bruno

[#WINDOWS10] Gana 10GB de disco (no apto para cobardes!)

Buenas !

Si estás utilizando Windows 10 Technical Preview, y tienes un ordenador con poco espacio en Disco, pues eliminar los archivos de instalación puede venirte muy bien. En la versión actual de W10 hay un pequeño “bug / feature” que te presenta la siguiente pantalla al iniciar


La misma te ofrece la posibilidad de seguir trabajando / probando Windows 10 o volver atrás a la versión anterior.  Como todos sabemos esta segunda acción es solo para cobardes, así que porque tener esos 10GB aprox de archivos en el disco que no utilizaremos, mejor borrarlos.
En mi caso para borrarlos tiré de CCleaner (www.piriform.com/ccleaner) uno de los mejores software gratuitos para limpiar discos para Windows. Y el resultado fue mucho más que 10GB


Asi que, la vieja SurfacePro 1 que utilizo para demos ha quedado mucho más alegre ahora mismo ;)
Saludos @ Home
/El Bruno

[#NETMF] NET MicroFramework updated to version 4.3 RTM and templates availables for Visual Studio 2015


While I’m airport at airport, try to finish tuning the demos for 2 sessions that I will have in the Microsoft dotNet Spain Conference. After giving me head on the wall a while, 2 weeks ago with NetDuino and Visual Studio 2013, I see that .net MicroFramework friends have updated installers for Visual Studio, 2012, 2013, and 2015; and we also have a new version of NETMF > SDK v4.3 (QFE2-RTM)

You can download the SDK and templates from

  • NET Micro Framework SDK 4.3 (QFE2)


  • . NET Micro Framework VS2015 Project System


  • . NET Micro Framework VS2013 Project System


  • . NET Micro Framework VS2012 Project System


Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

[#NETMF] Net MicroFramework actualizado a 4.3 RTM y ya tenemos templates para Visual Studio 2015


Mientras ando de aeropuerto en aeropuerto, intento terminar de afinar las demos para las 2 sesiones que tendré en la Microsoft dotNet Spain Conference. Después de darme con la cabeza en la pared un buen rato, hace 2 semanas con NetDuino y Visual Studio 2013, veo que los amigos de .Net MicroFramework han actualizado los instaladores para Visual Studio 2012, 2013 y 2015; y que además tenemos una nueva versión de NETMF > SDK v4.3 (QFE2-RTM)

El SDK y las plantillas se pueden descargar desde

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno

[#WINDOWS10] Now also in Raspberry Pi 2 (or almost)


This morning I review my TL and I found it was full of references to the new Raspberry Pi 2. And I also see posts like this where he says that this new model will support Windows 10

After writing a little about Windows for IoT and Intel Galileo, I’ll probably do the same thing with the Raspberry PI in a couple of months. But be careful, there is few information, they just announced Windows support for IoT and little more… if someone says Windows 10 will run on this device is a bit rushed.

Today I am in Barcelona and tomorrow when you get to Madrid, I hope that one of the packages, this time one with this device for my. ;)

Greetings @ Barcelona

/El Bruno




[#WINDOWS10] Ahora tambien en Raspberry (bueno no hay que apresurarse)


Esta mañana comencé a ver que mi TL estaba lleno de referencias a la nueva Raspberry Pi 2. Y además veo posts como este donde se comenta que este nuevo modelo soportará Windows 10

Así que claro después de escribir un poco sobre Windows for IoT e Intel Galileo, seguramente en unos meses tocará escribir sobre lo mismo con la Raspberry PI. Eso sí, todavía no hay nada, solo se ha anunciado el soporte de Windows for IoT y poco más … lo de decir que Windows 10 se ejecutará en este device es un poco apresurado.

Hoy estoy en Barcelona y mañana cuando llegue a Madrid, espero que el de los paquetes, esta vez tenga uno con este device para mi. ;)

Saludos @ Barcelona

/El Bruno

Source: http://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-2-model-b/


[#SKYPE] First experiences with Skype Translator


When some time ago I wrote about Skype Translator, I really didn’t think that already in 2015 Skype will become the only tool for audio conferences that I’ll use for personal and business (we’ll move out from Microsoft Lync)

As any business app, Skype now provides services for a more complete experience, the online translation is one of them. Today I started to try with some coworkers Skype Translator and the truth is that it left me amazed.

Let’s look at a simple example on how Skype Translator works. First of all, Skype client is a WinRT app, with the same new layout for the favorites, contacts, etc.

When we access a contact we see that we have the option to activate the Translate mode. In the event that activate it, we can define the language of the chat and audio of our interlocutor. In this case, I will use English for my native language and the account that I speak it will be in Spanish.


At the beginning of the call, we have an interesting “disclaimer” where he says that calls will be recorded for the improvement of the service, the service is still in Beta. And then it begins the interesting thing, whenever you say a phrase (in English), the following happens

- The said sentence is recognized in the native language (English in my case)

- The service translates this sentence to plain text

- The service translates this text into the language of the receiver (Spanish)

- The IM window shows the original text and the translated text in the chat window

- A Text To Speech service undertakes to pronounce the translated text

The following image shows an example of this service in demo mode


In a future post, I will make a video with a native language person, since the recognition both in Spanish and in English works very well. At the end of the call, are asked to give an assessment of the quality of the same.


On the app options we can define our preferences, spoken language type, choice of voice for TTS (Bob or Jane) or the level of profanity filter.


Concluding comment that early experiences have been very good. We have thrown us a few laughs with voice recognition and it disappointed me that only work with Skype contacts (no Lync or Skype for Business for now).The lesson learned is the same as long as use voice recognition tools:

Use short, simple sentences. Soft-spoken.

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

Microsoft Research: http://research.microsoft.com/apps/video/default.aspx?id=217733

CNet: http://www.cnet.com/es/analisis/skype-translator-preview/#!