[#ALM] FromMyBook: Don’t be afraid to #MERGE

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today I have to get a public of my book working together with Visual Studio ALM side so that people lose the fear of the MERGE of once for all. It can be seen online here or directly to continuation:


The fear of the MERGE

The fear of the Merge is a classic, more or less like what happens with vampires now in 2011. Let me explain: when I was a kid (about 20 years ago), a vampire was a very serious thing, you had to be afraid of a vampire, tha was a fact.

Generally speaking, the stereotype of a vampire was a person of any country in Eastern Europe, usually Transylvania, with very white skin and a black Cape. In addition to insights that let you freeze, a good vampire used to have a couple of evil helpers, who had a good heart, but with a little twisted ideas.

If for some reason you made a mistake and let a vampire to go into your House, you were in problems. Most of the times the vampire falls in love with your mother, your sister or your girlfriend, and with the promise of eternal love, at some point he wants to suck all the blood of her. Depending on the type of Vampire, may even want to eat with mayonnaise or ketchup (always thought that vampires were more than ketchup).

As this idea of vampires was widely used, and people scared to see these features someone on the street. But nowadays we have to face with the writers of juvenile novels who changes the concept that we have of the vampires.

The vampires of the 21st century are now boys who seem to have no more than 20 years, who can walk under the Sun although they continue to have whiter skin that snow. Usually they fall the most beautiful girl of the people, but without the intention to eat. Now they help if it attacks a man Wolf, or were they want to eat other vampires with more hunger.

Things have changed a lot, but the idea is still there: vampires are beings of care that as soon as they can give you a problem.

Because something similar happens with the Branches and Merge actions. In many projects, most people are afraid of "the Merge" and taht’s why they don’t use Branches. But as has happened with vampires, the "Branches" and "Merges" have changed a lot lately. It is not so craftsmanship as it was 15 years ago, the tools we now have really help make the experience of the developer friendly and much less painful.

But eye and remain "Branches" and "Merges" into the wrong hands can bring us, not one, but many headaches; as happens with modern vampires.

And remember, this and much more in my book

Working as a team with Visual Studio ALM

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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