[# CODEMOTION] Materials of the event of # KinectSdk and my passage through the CodeMotion.es



yesterday was fortunate to participate in the first Spain CodeMotion a presentation along with @ vgaltes. The event overall was great, many people joined, there was much networking, many faces known and obviously with the luck to be able to desvirtualizar more than one.

He was also the ideal excuse to learn a little tools and technologies outside my scope, where I have to admit that Groovy and Grails, have been a big surprise for my.

Finally at the last session it had the option of going to see Luis Fraile or David Bonilla. As Luis I have it known to @ David_Bonilla I had not seen him live but yes he knew his fame, got in his session. The truth is that it was a crack, on the one hand a deployment of resources as long not saw it and on the other, a close person but with well placed in the head ideas.

Turning to the meeting about Kinect with Vincenc, therefore we had well. We threw a couple of lines of code and we started to show examples of Kinect applications where what better gave us was to get a couple of smiles. The poor Vicenc had to suffer the labia of an Argentine and also a laptop to which it was not used but he stepped in as a crack!

I’ll stick with the anecdote that the room of our event was so filled with grapple to enter it when I had the following conversation with a skinny that was before mine:

Do Bruno – let me pass?

Flaco – there is no more room

Bruno – but is that with @ vgaltes we are the rapporteurs

Flaco – ahh so if they can pass Risa

almost no enter!



Code Motion KinectSdk

And the code source examples can be downloaded from https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=bef06dffdb192125 & SPL = BEF06DFFDB192125! 3904 & parid = BEF06DFFDB192125! 3842 & authkey =!AHlC-AoSBzrGWnA

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