[# CODEPLEX] Now also supports GIT



Although they have already commented in several places, it is important to highlight the news.

Now CodePlex supports the creation of projects based on GIT.


Seen from the outside does not seem something so important, but if we read between the lines there are 2 interesting things to highlight.

Firstly that this change is not based on a strategic decision of MS but which comes driven by the large number of petitions that performs the communicated. Beware, we must not be naive; This does not mean that now MS begin to do what you say the community, nor to think not not win anything with this change. But it is important to note that include a software of this type within the code for the Microsoft communities management platform is a point which opens up many possibilities.

On the one hand, help to improve the Visual Studio family of products. VS11 and TFS11 are fine, but if we compare the fluidity of work which gives a DCVS as GIT, because no color. Therefore, there is a desire to educate the developers guide to a new way of working (already included in VS) behind this decision.

In addition this change is intended to include in Codeplex to a large set of developers who are currently using GIT for their developments.

Secondly, do not lose sight that MS is incorporating an OpenSource software within its platform. This is not the first time, nor will not be the last, but serves as a reference to give an idea of how powerful that is the idea of OpenSource for teams of MS. something that from the outside is not seen much, already only takes into account the facet sell canned software that has Microsoft.

In the long run we will see if it ends up being a copy from GitHub or other more advanced sites based on GIT. What is important not to lose sight of, is that CodePlex not only offers support for a Source Control repository, but it adds several possibilities more… there I leave.

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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