Visual Studio 2005 – ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2005 v3

Ya estoy configurando y probando las new features de Visual Studio 2005 , y desde ComponentOne me llega una agradable noticia; se liberó la Studio Enterprise 2005 v3, compatible con .Net 2.0. Para la suscripcion, solo $699.95 por año. Aqui les muestro un par de caracteristicas de la misma.

Chart for .NET and WebChart for ASP.NET: NEW FEATURES

•   New chart type: Doughnut Chart
•   Added run-time highlighting of plotted data
•   Add before/after events for custom data series drawing
•   Improved Automatic Data Label Creation and Arrangement
•   Added statistical support to the ChartDataArray Object
•  Optimized the Rendering of Large XY Plots
•  Alarm Zones Can Now be Rendered as Ellipses or Plygons with Support for Minimum Widths and Heights
•   Axes now support superimposed, interactive values and value labels

•   New GroupBy DataView Mode Functionality
New Support for Unbound Mode
Enhanced Style Object Supporting Gradients and Alpha Blending
Added Support for Merged Cells
•   Added New Properties for Controlling Filter Bar, Border Styles and Split Dividers

•   Added Support for Multi-Column Combo Boxes
•   AddNew Row is Now More Consistent with Other Grid Controls
Plus: The 2005 v3 release includes new features and enhancements to popular tools including Reports for .NET, Sizer for .NET, PDF for .NET, XLS for .NET, Barcode for .NET, FlexGrid for .NET, WebReports for ASP.NET, and more.


3 pensamientos en “Visual Studio 2005 – ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2005 v3

  1. jejeje .. puede ser q m parezca poco, pero comparado con "otras" suites t ahorras cerca de $250, y casi tenes la misma funcionalidad :P= t cuento q sigue siendo mucho d este lado del charco tambienSaludos

    Me gusta

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